18 Wheeler American Pro Trucker Dreamcast Racing 2001 Sega AM2
4 Wheel Thunder Dreamcast Racing 2000 Kalisto
4D Sports Boxing Amiga 500 Sport 1991 Distinctive Software
Aaargh! Amiga 500 Action 1988 Arcadia Systems
After Burner Master System Action 1988 Sega
After The War Amiga 500 Action 1989 Dinamic Software
Agony Amiga 500 Shooter 1992 Art & Magic S.A.
Alcatraz Amiga 500 Action 1992 221B Software Development
Alex Kidd In Miracle World Master System Action 1986 Sega
Alien 3 Commodore 64 Action 1992 Probe Software
Alien Breed Amiga 500 Action 1991 Team 17
Alien Breed Tower Assault Amiga 500 Action 1994 Team 17
Alien Resurrection Playstation Fps 2000 Argonaut Games
Alien Trilogy Playstation Fps 1996 Probe
Alien Vs Predator Atari Jaguar Fps 1994 Rebellion
Another World (Out Of This World) Amiga 500 Adventure 1991 Delphine Software
Arachnophobia Amiga 500 Action 1991 BlueSky Software
Arkanoid Amiga 500 Action 1987 Taito
Armorines Project Swarm N64 Fps 1999 Acclaim
Asterix And The Secret Mission Master System Action 1993 Sega
Bad Dudes (Dragon Ninja) Nes Fighting 1989 Data East
Badlands Commodore 64 Racing 1990 Atari
Balloon Fight Nes Action 1985 Nintendo
Baseball Nes Sport 1983 Nintendo
Baseball Stars Nes Sport 1989 Snk
Batman Nes Action 1990 Sunsoft
Batman Return Of The Joker Nes Action 1992 Sunsoft
Batman Returns Master System Action 1993 Aspect
Battle Squadron Amiga 500 Shooter 1989 Cope-com
Battlemaniacs (Battletoads) Master System Fighting 1994 Rare
Battletoads Nes Fighting 1991 Rare
Battletoads & Double Dragon The Ultimate Team Nes Fighting 1993 Rare
Beast Busters Amiga 500 Shooter 1991 Snk
Bionic Commando Nes Action 1988 Capcom
Black Xbox Fps 2006 Criterion Studios
Blades Of Steel Nes Sport 1990 Konami
Blood Pc Fps 1997 Monolith Productions
Bloodwych Amiga 500 Rpg 1989 Mirrorsoft
Body Blows Amiga 500 Fighting 1993 Team 17
Bonanza Bros Master System Action 1990 Synergy Inc.
Bruce Lee Commodore 64 Action 1984 Datasoft
Bubble Bobble Nes Action 1988 Taito
Burning Fight Neo Geo Fighting 1991 Snk
Bushido Blade Playstation Fighting 1997 Square
Cabal Nes Action 1990 Tad Corporation
Cabal Amiga 500 Action 1989 Tad Corporation
Cabal Commodore 64 Action 1989 Special FX
California Games Master System Sport 1989 Epyx
Cannon Fodder Amiga 500 Action 1993 Sensible Software
Castle Of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse Master System Action 1990 Sega
Castlevania Nes Action 1987 Konami
Castlevania 3 Draculas Curse Nes Action 1990 Konami
Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers Nes Action 1990 Capcom
Cobra Triangle Nes Action 1989 Rare
Conflict Zone Modern War Strategy Dreamcast Strategi 2001 MASA Group
Crazy Taxi Dreamcast Racing 2000 Hitmaker
Dead Angle Master System Shooter 1989 Sega
Desert Strike Master System Action 1992 Electronic Arts
Disposable Hero Amiga 500 Shooter 1993 Euphoria
Dogs Of War Amiga 500 Action 1989 Elite Systems
Double Dragon Master System Fighting 1988 Technos
Double Dragon 2 The Revenge Nes Fighting 1990 Technos
Double Dragon 2 The Revenge Amiga 500 Fighting 1988 Binary Design
Double Dragon 2 The Revenge Commodore 64 Fighting 1989 Technos
Dragon Breed Amiga 500 Shooter 1990 Arc Developments
Dragon Ninja (Bad Dudes) Amiga 500 Fighting 1988 Data East
Duck Hunt Nes Shooter 1984 Nintendo
Duck Tales Nes Action 1989 Capcom
Duke Nukem 3D Pc Fps 1996 3D Realms
Duke Nukem Forever Xbox 360 Fps 2011 Gearbox
Dune 2 The Battle For Arrakis Amiga 500 Strategi 1993 Westwood Studios
Dynamite Cop Dreamcast Fighting 1999 Sega
Dynamite Duke Master System Shooter 1989 Sega
Dynamite Dux Master System Fighting 1989 Sega
E-Swat City under siege Master System Action 1990 Sanritsu
European Football Champ Amiga 500 Sport 1992 Taito
Excite Bike Nes Racing 1985 Nintendo
Eye of the Beholder Amiga 500 Rpg 1991 Westwood Studios
Fantasy Zone Master System Shooter 1986 Sega
Ferrari 355 Challange Dreamcast Racing 2000 Sega AM2
Festers Quest Nes Action 1989 Sunsoft
Fifa International Soccer Master System Sport 1996 Tiertex
Final Fantasy 7 (VII) Playstation Rpg 1997 Square
Final Fight Snes Fighting 1990 Capcom
Final Fight Commodore 64 Fighting 1991 Capcom
Final Fight Amiga 500 Fighting 1991 Capcom
Fire Force Amiga 500 Action 1992 International Computer Entertainment
Forgotten Worlds Master System Shooter 1991 Sanritsu
Freedom Force Nes Shooter 1988 Sunsoft
Gauntlet Master System Action 1990 Tiertex
Ghostbusters Master System Action 1987 Compile
Ghosts N Goblins Nes Action 1985 Capcom
Ghouls N Ghosts Master System Action 1990 Capcom
Golden Axe Master System Fighting 1989 Sega
Golden Axe Warrior Master System Adventure 1991 Sega
Grand Theft Auto IV (4) Xbox 360 Action 2008 Rockstar
Guerilla War Nes Action 1989 Snk
Gun Smoke Nes Action 1988 Capcom
Hang On Master System Racing 1985 Sega
Headhunter Dreamcast Action 2001 Amuze
Heavy Barrel Nes Action 1990 Data East
Heavy Metal Geomatrix Dreamcast Fighting 2001 Capcom
Hogans Alley Nes Shooter 1984 Nintendo
Ice Climber Nes Action 1985 Nintendo
Ice Hockey Nes Sport 1988 Nintendo
Ikari 3 The Rescue (Ikari Warriors3) Nes Action 1991 Snk
Ikari Warriors Nes Action 1987 Snk
International Karate Plus (IK+) Commodore 64 Fighting 1987 System 3
It Came From The Desert Amiga 500 Adventure 1989 Cinemaware Corporation
Jackal Nes Action 1988 Konami
James Pond 2 Codename Robocod Master System Action 1991 Tiertex
Jet Set Radio Dreamcast Action 2000 Smilebit
Journey To Silius Nes Action 1990 Sunsoft
Jungle Strike Mega Drive Action 1993 High Score Productions
Jupiters Masterdrive Amiga 500 Racing 1990 P.O.F. Corporation
Kid Icarus Nes Action 1987 Nintendo
Kung Fu Nes Fighting 1985 Irem
Laser Invasion Nes Action 1991 Konami
Lemmings Master System Pussel 1992 Psygnosis
Life Force Nes Shooter 1988 Konami
Little Nemo The Dream Master Nes Action 1990 Capcom
Lost Patrol Amiga 500 Strategi 1990 Shadow Development
Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 Amiga 500 Racing 1991 Magnetic Fields
Mach Rider Nes Racing 1985 Hal
Mario Bros Nes Action 1986 Nintendo
Mega Man Nes Action 1987 Capcom
Mega Twins Amiga 500 Action 1991 Capcom
Mercs Master System Action 1991 Capcom
Metal Gear Nes Action 1988 Konami
Metal Slug Neo Geo Action 1996 Snk
Metroid Nes Action 1986 Nintendo
Metropolis Street Racer (Msr) Dreamcast Racing 2001 Bizarre Creations
Micro Machines Master System Racing 1993 Codemasters
Midnight Resistance Commodore 64 Action 1990 Special FX
Mike Tysons Punch Out Nes Sport 1987 Nintendo
Military Madness Turbografx 16 Strategi 1989 Hudson
Moonstone A Hard Days Knight Amiga 500 Action 1992 Mindscape Inc.
Mortal Kombat Master System Fighting 1993 Midway
Narco Police Amiga 500 Action 1990 Iron Byte
Neo Turf Masters Neo Geo Sport 1996 Nazca
Nes Open Tournament Golf Nes Sport 1991 Nintendo
Ninja Gaiden Master System Action 1992 Sims
Ninja Gaiden (Shadow Warriors) Nes Action 1989 Tecmo
Nitro Amiga 500 Racing 1990 Psygnosis
North & South Nes Strategi 1990 Infogames
Oil Imperium (Black Gold) Amiga 500 Strategi 1989 Reline
Out Run Master System Racing 1987 Sega
P47 Thunderbolt (The Freedom Fighter) Amiga 500 Shooter 1990 Source
Pang Amiga 500 Action 1989 Mitchell Corporation
Parappa The Rapper Playstation Musik 1996 NanaOn Sha
Persian Gulf Inferno Amiga 500 Action 1989 Parsec
Phantasy Star Master System Rpg 1988 Sega
Pinball Nes Pinball 1985 Nintendo
Pit Fighter Master System Fighting 1991 Atari
Popeye Nes Action 1983 Nintendo
Postal Pc Action 1997 Running With Scissors
Power Stone 2 Dreamcast Fighting 2000 Capcom
Prince of Persia Master System Action 1990 Broderbund
Pro Wrestling Nes Sport 1986 Nintendo
Probotector (Contra) Nes Action 1988 Konami
Quartet (Double Target) Master System Action 1987 Sega
R Type Master System Shooter 1988 Compile
R.C. Pro Am Nes Racing 1988 Rare
Rad Racer Nes Racing 1987 Squaresoft
Rampage Master System Action 1988 Activision
Rastan Commodore 64 Action 1988 Taito
Record of Lodoss War Dreamcast Rpg 2001 Neverland
Red Dead Redemption Xbox 360 Action 2010 Rockstar
Renegade Master System Fighting 1993 Natsume
Rescue The Embassy Mission Nes Action 1990 Infogames
Resident Evil Playstation Horror 1996 Capcom
River City Ransom Nes Fighting 1990 Technos
Rock Star Ate My Hamster Amiga 500 Simulator 1989 Codemasters
Rollergames Nes Action 1990 Konami
Rolling Thunder Commodore 64 Action 1986 Namco
Rush N Attack Nes Action 1987 Konami
Rygar Nes Action 1987 Tecmo
Section Z Nes Shooter 1987 Capcom
Sega GT Dreamcast Racing 2000 Sega
Sega Rally Championship Saturn Racing 1995 Sega AM3
Sensible Soccer Master System Sport 1993 Sensible Software
Shadow Dancer The Secret Of Shinobi Master System Fighting 1991 Sega
Shadow Of The Ninja (Blue Shadow) Nes Action 1990 Taito
Shining Force 2 Mega Drive Rpg 1993 Sonic
Shining The Holy Ark Saturn Rpg 1996 Camelot Software Planning
Shinobi Master System Fighting 1988 Sega
Silent Hill Playstation Horror 1999 Konami
Silent Hill 2 Playstation 2 Horror 2001 Konami
Silent Service Nes Simulator 1989 Microprose
Sim City Amiga 500 Simulator 1989 Maxis Software
Skate Or Die Nes Sport 1988 Konami
Skies Of Arcadia Dreamcast Rpg 2000 Overworks
Snake Rattle N Roll Nes Action 1990 Rare
Soccer Nes Sport 1985 Iwasaki
Sonic Adventure 2 Dreamcast Action 2001 Sega
Soul Calibur Dreamcast Fighting 1999 Project Soul
Space Gun Master System Shooter 1992 Taito
Spartan X 2 (Kung Fu 2) Nes Fighting 1991 Tamtex
Spy Hunter Commodore 64 Racing 1984 Midway
Stardust Amiga 500 Shooter 1993 Bloodhouse
Street Fighter 2 Master System Fighting 1997 Capcom
Streets Of Rage Master System Fighting 1993 Sega
Streets Of Rage 2 Mega Drive Fighting 1993 Ancient
Stunt Car Racer Amiga 500 Racing 1989 Geoff Crammond
Super C (Probotector 2) Nes Action 1990 Konami
Super Cars 2 Amiga 500 Racing 1991 Magnetic Fields
Super Mario Bros Nes Action 1985 Nintendo
Super Mario Bros 3 Nes Action 1990 Nintendo
Super Mario World Snes Action 1990 Nintendo
Super Off Road Master System Racing 1992 Tradewest
Super Smash Bros N64 Fighting 1999 Hal
Super Spike V Ball Nes Sport 1990 Technos
Swiv Amiga 500 Shooter 1991 Sales Curve
Syndicate Amiga 500 Strategi 1993 Bullfrog Productions
Syphon Filter Playstation Action 1999 Eidetic
T2 The Arcade Game (Terminator 2) Master System Shooter 1993 Arc
Tecmo World Wrestling Nes Sport 1989 Tecmo
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles The Coin Op Commodore 64 Fighting 1991 Konami
The Adventures Of Bayou Billy Nes Fighting 1989 Konami
The Blues Brothers Amiga 500 Action 1991 Titus
The Chaos Engine Amiga 500 Action 1993 The Bitmap Brothers
The Goonies 2 Nes Action 1987 Konami
The Last Ninja Commodore 64 Fighting 1987 System 3
The Legend Of Zelda Nes Adventure 1986 Nintendo
The Ninja Warriors Amiga 500 Fighting 1989 Taito
The Ninja Warriors Commodore 64 Fighting 1989 Random Access
The Secret of Monkey Island Amiga 500 Adventure 1991 Lucasfilm Games
The Settlers Amiga 500 Strategi 1993 Blue Byte
Thunder Blade Master System Shooter 1988 Sega
Tiger Heli Nes Shooter 1987 Micronics
Toki Commodore 64 Action 1991 Taito
Tokyo Xtreme Racer (Highway Challange) Dreamcast Racing 1999 Genki
Tony Hawk Skateboarding Dreamcast Sport 2000 Neversoft
Top Gun Nes Action 1987 Konami
Track & Field 2 Nes Sport 1989 Konami
Trojan Nes Action 1986 Capcom
Turrican 2 The Final Fight Commodore 64 Action 1991 Rainbow Arts
Turtles 2 The Arcade Game Nes Fighting 1990 Konami
Turtles 3 The Manhattan Project Nes Fighting 1992 Konami
Urban Champion Nes Fighting 1986 Nintendo
Vigilante Master System Fighting 1988 Irem
Virtua Cop Saturn Shooter 1995 Sega AM2
Virtua Tennis 2 Dreamcast Sport 2001 Hitmaker
Walker Amiga 500 Shooter 1993 DMA Design
War Zone Amiga 500 Action 1991 Core Design
Warhammer 40000 Space Marine Xbox 360 Action 2011 Relic Entertainment
Wings Amiga 500 Simulator 1990 Cinemaware Corporation
Wings Of Fury Amiga 500 Shooter 1990 Broderbund
Wonder Boy In Monster Land Master System Action 1988 Westone
Wrath Of The Black Manta Nes Action 1990 Taito
Wrecking Crew Nes Pussel 1985 Nintendo
Zelda 2 The Adventure Of Link Nes Adventure 1988 Nintendo
Zillion Master System Action 1987 Sega
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